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Aleena Hedgehog, better known as just Aleena, is a secondary character in Sonic Legacy. She is a Mobian hedgehog, and the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Concept and creation

Aleena was initially slated to be a ‘Mom’ character with no other instruction given. The design team didn’t really have many ideas. CrimDa decided to take design inspiration from mother characters in Dragonball Z, particularly Mrs. Briefs, as a nod to the many references Sonic often makes to Dragonball.

First Aleena Sketch

As she was being designed her personality evolved to become more of a “fan” of her son, Sonic, to the point where she was designed wearing Sonic merchandise. (Even though this design idea was dropped, it seems that the writers have kept some inspiration of that in her personality.)

An Aleena Concept

Several quill designs were considered along the way until one was reached that seemed simple and manageable. The blue tinge on her hair was a last-minute addition voted on by staff to make her seem more lively and fashionable. 

In progress sketch

Aleena’s younger design, however, was inspired by 80’s fashion to mimic a similar time period that Sonic could have been a child in. Her design also took inspiration from aviation attire, as much of her story at that time would revolve around it. This can be seen in accessories such as her aviation goggles. She also, notably, has a similar hairstyle as Tifa Lockhart from FF7. 

Young Aleena


Aleena has a shade of fuchsia purple fur that also doubles as her hair, which is mixed with dark blue highlights that fade into the purple fur cleanly.





Aleena enthusiastically cheers on Sonic in what he does. She is also a bit of a trollmom.

Powers and abilities



Sonic the Hedgehog

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