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Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog is the maternal uncle of Sonic the Hedgehog and brother of Aleena Hedgehog.

Concept and creation

Chuck appeared for the first time in issue #0 of the Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries published by Archie Comics, back in February 1993. He would've later appeared in Sonic SatAM in October 1993. After one last appearance in Sonic Underground he remained an exclusive character of the Archie Comics in both continuities.



After Yeager Hedgehog left his family from which he never returned, Chuck took Sonic with him and helped his nephew to increase his skills. When Sonic turned 14 years old, Chuck and his sister Aleena let him leave for a trip to South Island.

A Nephew's Return

Sometime later, Chuck was chatting with Rosie before being interrupted by someone whistling for his attention, and discovered it was Sonic. While happy to see his nephew again, Chuck was shocked to see him in bruises and poorly wrapped bandages, even ignoring his pleas that he was fine before taking him to his house. While giving him proper bandages and sterilizing the bruises, Sonic explained to Chuck he got them fighting some fat guy calling himself Eggman, which made Chuck become curious before changing the subject when he realized his assistant was late from an errand. Pretty soon, he was visited by a girl named Carrotia, who tells him his assistant is in danger in the Under Ground Zone. Sonic took the girl, ignoring his uncle's pleas, and had her guide him to the zone while Chuck followed in his jeep. In the Under Ground Zone, it turned out the assistant, while on a dare by Carrotia and her brothers, was being attacked by an ant robot before Sonic manages to destroy it. Once Carrotia and her brothers apologized and left, Chuck introduced his assistant, Miles Prower, to Sonic. While getting acquainted, Sonic shows the reason he came home, a device he managed to acquire to track down Eggman, but got damaged sometime earlier. Chuck then offers to fix it before they leave for dinner.

Mobium Mining

Several days later, Chuck was hired by Tekno the Canary to extract some Mobium from Mystic Cave Zone, and sent Sonic and Tails to do the deed, but became worried when they were gone for hours before they manage to return with a bunch of Mobium.

Eggman's Invasion





  • Chuck was not related to Aleena in Sonic Underground and he was Sonic's paternal uncle in the Pre-SGW Archie continuity.