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Cloverleaf Palette is an inker for the Sonic Legacy series and an animator for Sonic Paradox.


Clover is born on the 11th of July, while she prefers not to specify her year of birth, she is a young teenager currently in high school.

Back at 4th grade, Clover never had the thought of becoming an artist, she used to think that hobby is something a person is required to have, when then she forced herself into painting, and had an obliged liking to it, however deep down she hated getting her clothes messed up with paint.

In 5th grade, Clover slowly started to draw comics on small pieces of papers without realizing, she would draw a panel on the paper, erase it and draw the next panel.

6th grade came, she started drawing on notebooks and comics on papers. During the winter breaks, having the lack of facilities, Clover started out with a mouse and a Mac. She began animating on a website called Toonator.

During middle school, Clover suffered a lot in class due to everyone being regrouped and couldn't find herself socializing with her classmates, behavior wise, she doesn't fit in with the rest of them (and doesn't plan on changing it). So she would spend more of her time drawing on her notebooks rather than socializing to majority of the class, which is when she began developing her skills in drawing. On weekends or public holidays, she started doing digital arts on her 3DS, later switched through a tablet before settling on her current one which she got for her 14th birthday.

A while before the Summer breaks, Clover decided to add in some activities to do so she won't be bored during the breaks. She joined the Sonic Paradox Discord server on April 4 2018, but then left for her overwhelming feeling against the members and rejoined on June 3 2018, a day after Sonic Seconds Volume 4 released. Then contributed an animation for Seconds Volume 5 and became an official animator for Sonic Paradox on June 28 2018.

Cloverleaf Palette joined the Sonic Legacy Discord server on June 10 2018, and was accepted as an inker on August 7 2018.


Sonic Paradox

  • Sonic Seconds: Volume 5 (Prison Island Breakup)

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