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DTheHedgehog is a Sonic Legacy Wikia editor, whilst also doubling as a lifelong Sonic fan who wants to make it in the world.


D is mainly known as of now for his graphical artist skills and video/sound editing abilities, whilst also doubling as a near-perfect voice impressionist of the late Deem Bristow, most known for his work on Dr. Eggman during the Sonic Adventure games.

He may not have a prominent following on the internet, but tends to have an account in most areas on the internet, Tumblr being his most prominent.


  • 'Sonic: Project S' Promo Trailer
  • Sonicore(bandcamp album)
  • Adrenaline Dubs: IDW Sonic The Hedgehog #1(Sound Editor)
  • Items Specialist(Sonic: Shattered Realities)


  • D's first exposure to Sonic(as early as he can remember) was playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle when he was pretty young- which, surprisingly shares the same release date as his birthday(at least according to Western releases). Call it a coincidence!