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The Green Hill Zone is one of several areas of South Island, where Sonic the Hedgehog's adventure first begins. It directly borders the city of Sunset Heights, and rests just above part of the Marble Zone.


Not long after arriving on South Island, Sonic the Hedgehog attracts the attention of Tempest the Dolphin, who challenges him to a race across the Green Hill Zone. Their contest is interrupted by the arrival of a fleet of massive airships, and the bizarre robots they unleash on the area. Upon investigating, the two heroes are confronted by a young girl named Omelette, who soon attacks them. After a swift victory, the ground gives way, apparently weakened from the battle, and dumps Sonic and Tempest into the depths below.


As the name implies, the Green Hill Zone is a hilly area covered with layers of rich, healthy green grass. The soil has a peculiar checkerboard pattern of orange and brown, leaving many to wonder how such a thing occurs naturally.

Due to its coastal location, much of the area is submerged underwater, resulting in the need of numerous bridges to traverse it safely. Efforts by the local governments are in place to prevent the complete erosion of the area by the surrounding seas.

Totem poles of various sizes can be found periodically through the area, hinting at a long-lost presence of inhabitants. It is strongly discouraged to disturb these, with many superstitions arising that warn of incurring the wrath of their creators.


  • Green Hill Zone is based on the first level of the same name in Sonic the Hedgehog.