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JaSketch is an artist for the Sonic Legacy fan-produced comic book series. He has done work for the Comic as an Inker and as a Colorist for two of the ED shots from the Sonic Legacy animated teaser


Born in Fort Worth, TX, JaSketch hasn't really done a whole lot. Sonic Legacy is his first project that he's taken part of, he is also a colorist on another fan-produced Sonic comic, Archie Sonic Online.



Sonic Paradox

  • Sonic Legacy #3- Inks
  • Sonic Legacy animated teaser- ED Colorist


  • Is able to make this really weird noise that freaks everyone out
  • Talks about his cats, Yakuza, and FLCL way too much
  • He probably has the chaos emeralds hidden away somewhere in a place where the government can never find them


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