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KERBARU works on Sonic Legacy as a pencil, ink and color artist, as well as being a pencil director.


Kerb has been drawing since he was young, starting with tracing cartoon characters, and then after discovering Sonic in elementary school, drawing the characters.

Around middle school he began following anime, becoming a fan of many Shounen series, and began to draw humans. He began to mainly draw pin-up art before beginning to experiment a lot more later on.

Sometime in high school, he joined Sonic Legacy, working on pencils, inks and colors. Kerb began his first work on the team on Sonic Legacy #2: Out of Your Element as an inker.

His art style is heavily influenced by the works of VOFAN, Hirohiko Araki and Kohei Horikoshi. The mix of his interest in rom-com's and battle manga makes him attempt this style.


Aside from work on Sonic Legacy, he posts his work mainly on Twitter, featuring a mix of humans and characters from the Sonic series.


Sonic Legacy

  • Sonic Legacy Issue 2 - Ink Artist (2019)
  • Sonic Legacy Issue 4 - Ink Artist (2019)
  • Sonic Legacy Issue 5 - Pencil Artist (2020)



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