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The Marble Zone is one of several areas of South Island, where Sonic the Hedgehog and Tempest the Dolphin wind up after part of the ground gives way in the Green Hill Zone.


Sonic and Tempest wake up in the depths of the zone's partially-underground ruins, after being rendered unconscious from the fall that led them there.

Avoiding the vast pools of lava that take up much of the ruins, as well as ancient traps, the two discover a map that matches the same one on the tracking device recovered from Omelette, as well as hints of an ancient civilization.

They're ambushed by a number of badniks before managing to escape using what appears to be a teleporting device. Back on the surface, the heroes rest for a while before continuing their journey, finding themselves before the Labyrinth Zone...


The Marble Zone seems to contain a number of subterranean ruins, many of which sit atop pools of boiling magma. Ancient traps still remain, and have been quite functional since the day they were built, consisting of arrow launchers and large, spiked weights.

In at least one area, a massive cavern contains what appears to be a sort of geothermal facility, making use of the volcanic conditions it rests in.

According to locals, the lava flow was minimal at most in recent times, only increasing within the previous few weeks due to a manmade interference...