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The Marble Zone is one of several areas of South Island, and is where Sonic the Hedgehog and Tempest the Dolphin wind up in after part of the ground gives way in the Green Hill Zone .


Sonic and Tempest happen upon the Labyrinth Zone after traversing through the island's Green Hill and Marble Zones. The two have conflicting reactions to the location, but Sonic soon relents when realizing it's the only path to their next destination.

As the two heroes explore the ruins and dodge its many twists, traps, and turns, they soon attract the attention of a massive fish-like badnik that hastily pursues them underwater. They manage to defeat it, and barely escape the zone before they can succumb to drowning.

They find themselves just outside of an industrial city, which seems to be the base of the one behind all of South Island's current troubles...


The entire area is a massive maze, with pathways in corridors in many directions, often leading to one kind of trap or another. Spikes and spears line many halls, even in submerged areas, leaving no section of the ruins as the safe option to traverse.

Numerous slopes are built around the area, directing water to flow all the way into the lower areas of the zone and providing a massive and deep pool down below.

The remains of some the labyrinth's inhabitants are stumbled upon at one point, implying a mysterious and grisly end to their occupancy.