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Quotation1.png Nice to meet'cha! You were way past cool out there! Quotation2.png
— Tails, Sonic Legacy Issue 6

Miles Prower, also known by his nickname Tails, is one of the main characters and heroes in the Sonic Legacy comic series. He is a two-tailed fox cub and the assistant of Chuck Hedgehog.

Gentle and sweet natured, Tails was originally timid and lacked courage. Meeting Sonic the Hedgehog, however, has enabled him to grow more confidant, something which he idolizes him for. Tails serves as Sonic's main companion during the "Escalation" arc.

Concept and creation

Not much was changed from Tails' modern design, apart from some equipment changes. For starters, it was decided early on that has a nack for carrying a small backpack or fanny pack for putting in "tech junk" for tinkering.


The first thing that one notices about Tails is his two tails, from which he earned his nickname. His amber and white fur compliment his sky blue eyes. He wears white gloves and red and white shoes.


Early Life

Not much is known about Miles Prowers' past so far. However, it is known that he had known a trio of siblings, who had apparently been bullying him, for some time. It is from them that Miles got his nickname "Tails", that he didn't like. Eventually, he would meet Chuck Hedgehog, who would make him his assistant.[1]

A silhouette of Tails.

Prior to Sonic's fight with G-01 Alep, he met a mysterious figure, who showed him visions; among them, a silhouette of Tails and others in a Chaos Emerald. What this means has yet to be determined.[2]

Meeting Sonic

One day, Chuck sent out Tails on an errand run to aquire some machine parts. There, his teasers would dare him to cross a bridge in the Under Ground Zone. He did, at which point he was suddenly attacked by the Antlion, one of Eggman's robots. The three siblings fled to the scene to get help. Help would eventually arrive, in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog. Together, the two of them would destroy the Antlion. After the teasers apologized, Sonic and Tails would get acquainted with one another with Sonic saying the teasers probably call him by his nickname because they're jealous of his ability.[1]

Soon after, Sonic and Tails would go off on another errand run, this time to aquire some Mobium for one of Chuck's clients. Arriving at the Mystic Cave Zone mine, Tails and Sonic soon found it oddly empty. It wouldn't be long before they found out why, Dr. Eggman was raiding the area for Mobium of his own. After Sonic busted several of his badniks, the Doctor himself would show his face. With Sonic engaging him, Tails would run back to his Jeep, freeing the trapped miners along the way. When Tails returned, Sonic took advantage of Eggman's surprise to knock his machine to a wall, causing the cave the collapse. Grabbing as much Mobium as they could, Tails and Sonic bolted out of there. Returning to Chuck's place, Tails would meet his client, Tekno the Canary, much to his delight.[3]

Later, Sonic took Tails downtown. While there, Sonic decided to visit Castle Acorn, as Tails had never gone there before. There, they met the princess, Sally Acorn. However, before they could get acquainted, a fleet of Eggman's design suddenly appeared in the air.[3]


Tails is sweet natured and timid, a far cry from the eternal adventurer Sonic. He is used to doing far less than exploring the world. However, Sonic's influence is slowly but surely causing him to open up and become more brave, as shown by his actions during Sonic and Eggman's fight in Mystic Cave Zone.

Tails is what some might call a geek. He is described by Chuck as a mechanical prodigy, and he was elated to meet famous scientist Tekno.

Powers and abilities

Tails can use his two tails to fly, though his skill with this is not yet known. What is known, however, is his technical prowess. He is highly skilled in building gadgets, and he can drive vehicles despite being a mere child. Chuck, himself a famous scientist and ex-University professor, took him on as an assitant after seeing his skills in action.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails was immediately drawn to Sonic the moment the two met. It was as if he was the older brother he never had, and Tails looked up to him for that. Their bond is sure to last for the rest of their lives.


Quotation1.png Please don't call me... Tails. Quotation2.png
— Tails, Sonic Legacy Issue 6


  • Tails, of course, originated in the canon Sonic the Hedgehog game series. More information can be seen on his fandom page.
  • Tails' role as Chuck's assistant is similar to Ben Muttski's role in the Archie comics, specifically his Post Super Genesis Wave version. This was probably unintentional on the part of Sonic Paradox, however.