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Mobians are one of the two primary intelligent species living on the planet Mobius. Mobians are anthropomorphic animals with human-type intelligence. Mobians come in a variety of species, but mammalian based species are by and large the most common.

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Mobians all appear to be anthropomorphic forms of the planet's various animal life. They possess the same basic structure as humans, leading to theories of shared ancestry or convergent evolution, but display many of the animalistic features of non-sentient life.

The majority of the race appears to take on the form of mammalian species, but many individuals of other classes do exist.


Historians and paleontologists often disagree on the origin of the mobian race, due to conflicting pieces of evidence.

Modern mobians are they're currently known seem to be a much younger one than humans, implying some sort of rapid evolution to their current state. The continued existence of similar non-sentient life baffles many, and is the topic of many studies.

Mobian society seems to be less inclined at seeking warfare, though conflict can and did occur in the past. Clashes with human civilization occurred numerous times before the two races reconciled and integrated, though mobian-only areas do still exist in some parts of the world.

Mobians and humans are seen as possessing equal status in modern times, and can perform and hold many of the same political positions and careers. Interbreeding between the two races does occur, though many prefer seeking a partner from their own kind.

Powers and abilities

Because they are seemingly evolved from non-sentient animal life, many possess the same abilities as their "base" ancestors. Avian mobians are capable of flight, many aquatic mobians retain gills for breathing underwater, and so on.

Certain individuals seem to possess extraordinary abilities, such as the case with Sonic the Hedgehog. It is currently unknown how such occurrences take place, and aside from performing incredible feats, seem to carry on with healthy, normal lives.



  • Despite what is portrayed within the non-canon Debug Mode comics, the Sonic Legacy staff does not actually contain mobian individuals, but is very much welcoming to any who seek employment opportunities.