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"I'm just a writer. Not even a particularly good one."

Nine is the Writing Editor for the Sonic Legacy branch of Sonic Paradox


His introduction into the Legacy writing staff was the result of creating a fanfic that was meant to mock and ridicule, but his perfectionist nature demanded he create the best it could possibly be. The staff were so impressed (and angry that it was so well written) that he was hired on almost immediately, producing a scripting audition after the fact as a formality.

Working as a normal writer for the team for a period of time wasn't the only thing Nine was doing. Taking it upon himself, he got to work on several other aspects of Sonic Legacy, helping direct, coordinate ideas and managing a lot of behind the scenes details. When the then-editor had left the group for a time, Nine was promptly voted into becoming the head writer and editor of the comic.

He currently writes stand-alone stories taking place in the Legacy universe under different ideas and concepts, often using characters that have yet to be revealed. He doesn't think they're that good but his word isn't to be trusted regarding his own skill.



Sonic Paradox

  • Sonic Legacy # 6
  • Sonic Legacy # 9
  • Sonic Legacy #10
  • Sonic Legacy #11
  • Sonic Legacy #12

Debug Mode

  • The Early Owl
  • Tubular
  • Identity Crisis
  • A Foolproof Confession
  • Aftertaste

Sonic Music

  • The Flashbang Kid [1]
  • Pyrrhic Future [2]
  • Maximum Heat Exceed [3]
  • Shining Maniac [4]
  • Boiling Point [5]


  • Nine currently holds more than 5 spots in the Top Ten World Records on Sonic Forces.
  • He is legally blind.

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