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Omelette is the robotic daughter of Dr. Eggman.


Legacy's Prelude

Omelette was given the prestigious duty of overseeing her father's work capturing animals. Armed with a small craft and a training wrecking ball, she went out on patrol and soon came across Sonic the Hedgehog and Tempest the Dolphin trying to break the tiny critters from their prison. After being derided for her name and hearing her father being mocked, Omelette went into a frenzied attack against the two. While she gave it her all, she was outwitted by Tempest, who tricked her into smashing the capsule containing the animals and setting them free. With that out of the way, Sonic made short work of Omelette and with a single attack sent her flying off into the sky.


Omelette looks like a diminutive human woman, with peach skin and large, auburn hair as bushy and pointed as her father's iconic moustache. She wears dark blue tinted spectacles just like her papa, white gloves, a black blouse with puffed up sleeves and a red and yellow hoopskirt.


Omelette is brash, arrogant and foul-tempered. She introduces herself as, "the great Omelette," proclaiming to be a youthful genius, even though she cannot see through simple tricks. Try as she might to be impressive or intimidating, her young age often undermines her efforts, a fact that irks her to no end.

She is fond of her father and devoted to pleasing him, growing aggressively upset if he is made fun of. Failing him causes her to visibly tear up and even scream in anguish.


First thought up and posted by Twitter user 'BlackBookAlpha' during August of 2017, it took the media by storm. CelestOrion contacted him to ask if the design could be used for Legacy, and was successful in doing so.


  • Omelette's nose is never visible when looking at her from the front. It is only seen when she is facing side-on.
  • She is currently the only character not originating from an official game, animated series, comic, or Sonic Legacy's design team.

Sonic Legacy - Theme of Omelette "Undercooked Underling"