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Rik is just a man, with a man's courage. He's also an inker and letterer of the Sonic Legacy series, weather permitting.


Rik was born from an egg on a mountain top, The punkiest monkey that ever popped. He knew every magic trick under the sun, to tease the gods and everyone and (not) get his work done. He is largely on this planet as part of a scientific study to understand humans, which is proving mostly fruitless at the moment.

If there is a Sonic fan comic, chances are Rik has contributed to it somehow. From Archie Sonic Online to something called Sonic Legacy and even a secret 'blink and you'll miss it' assist on Sonic the Comic's #275th anniversary special.

'Anything to get a comic to the finish line' is his speciality. He also does his own comic The House Always Wins as a solo project, but who cares about that? Rik can often be found penciling, inking, colouring, lettering and generally being a dogsbody on any Sonic project he comes across in his Kenshiro like travels across the web2.0 landscape. Legends are he once aimed to get hired by Archie. Rik has also done a bunch of non Sonic stuff but you're not here for that!

Currently Rik produces a monthly magazine, unimaginatively titled The Mackazine which contains everything he creates each month, along with reviews, recommendations, tutorials and other such nonsense which can be found on his Patreon. All of which is just practice until he can break into comics and ruin bigger and better projects on a global scale.


'Sonic Legacy'

Sonic Legacy #1 - Letters

  • '#1 On land or by sea' - Letters

'Archie Sonic Online'

Mobius Legends #2

  • 'Invaders from Beyond' - Cover Art
  • 'Invaders from Beyond' - Colours + Letters

Mobius Legends #3

  • 'ML#3/Regrets Cover' - Ink + Colours
  • 'Regrets' - Inks (page 4-8) + Letters
  • 'Disturbed' - Inks

Sonic the Hedgehog Online #248

  • 248 'At all costs part II: Destiny Rewritten' - Letters

Sonic Universe Online #51

  • 'Power Struggle Part 1: Low Battery' - Pencils page 1-4

'Sonic the Comic'


  • 'The Battle for Drak' - misc Pencils/Ink/Colours assist

'The House Always Wins'


  • 'The House Always Wins' - Creator


  •  Rik is powered by music and tea.
  • Rik owns every single Sonic game. Yes, even Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • Rik had a picture published in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • Rik is exactly 1 Rik tall.

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