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Quotation1.png Sonic, thank you for all you've done... But I need to ask one more thing of you. Find Eggman. End this. Quotation2.png
— Sally Acorn, Declaration of War

Sally Acorn, better known as just Sally, is a secondary character in Sonic Legacy. She is a Mobian chipmunk, and the princess to the Kingdom of Acorn on Westside Island. She makes a major appearance during the Escalation arc.

Concept and creation

Sally, being the most famous of the SatAM characters, was virtually guaranteed to appear in the comic.

Rather than taking inspiration from any one incarnation, it was decided to incorporate incorporate a little bit of each incarnation of her into the Legacy design, while still keeping her looking 'Sally'. In particular, the back tufts on her head actually come from Fleetway's Sally, while the face shape is similar, PSGW Archie. SatAM was avoided, since Archie already took heavy inspiration from it.


Sally is a mobian Chipmunk with brown fur and Auburn "hair". She has blue eyes, and wears a beige military uniform with a white skirt, gold cuffs, white gloves, and black boots.



Sally Acorn was born in Mobotropolis to Nigel Acorn, King of Acorn, and his wife, Queen Cherie, prior to the BD-NIC incident.[1] Her history between then and Eggman's attack on Mobotropolis is largely unknown.


Sally was standing outside Castle Acorn, looking bored, when she met Sonic. Sonic was with Miles "Tails" Prower, who had wanted to see the castle. They exchanged some brief words before Sally notices a large fleet of battleships in the sky. Dr. Eggman had begun his attack.[2]

During the assault, Sally assisted Sonic and Tails in taking out Eggman's robots. Declaring that she wouldn't abandon her people, Sally tried to rally the guards to defend the city. Horrified by the devastation, Sally was reluctant to leave her people undefended, so Sonic offered to handle the Castle himself. After returning from the frontlines, Sally was horrified to see her father being pulled away on a stretcher. Initially vowing to avenge her father's injury, Charles told her that she was needed by the people. Thanking Sonic for his help, she made him promise to find Eggman and "end this".[3]


From a young age, Sally was interested in the world. However, lack of conflict meant she had to focus elsewhere. Studying sword fighting and training for her eventual rise to the throne, her fiery spirit is unfulfilled, and she often waits for something to happen.

Powers and abilities

Sally is skilled at sword fighting thanks to years of training.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Though initially skeptical of Sonic's skill, Sally came to respect him after helping defend the castle and Mobotropolis.


Quotation1.png Greetings, what brings you to the castle? Quotation2.png
— Sally, Drill of the Case