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Sonic Legacy #1 is the first issue of the Sonic Legacy comic series produced by Sonic Paradox.

Official solicitation

The Sonic Paradox team has ventured into the world of making comics!  Prepare for an all-new Sonic adventure in "On Land or by Sea": Speed demon Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing on dry land, but has he met his match with the seafaring Tempest the Dolphin?  And when trouble erupts, can the two daredevils put aside their differences to combat this new threat?!

Featured stories

On Land or by Sea


In the year 1991 A.G., Sonic the Hedgehog had arrived on South Island, where he assisted a local hot dog vendor in preventing the spill of his wares. His prowess attracts the attention of Tempest the Dolphin, who retrieves his lost wallet in exchange for a challenge: racing across the coastal area of the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic accepts and the two begin their contest, boasting their skills before they're interrupted by the arrival of a massive airship fleet. The ships drop a number of mysterious objects, which the duo decide to investigate.

They discover a number of bizarre robots, which soon turn hostile and attack. Destroying them reveals them to contain small animals, with more of them found contained within a large capsule.

Sonic's attempts to free them results in the intervention of Omelette, a self-proclaimed child genius, who proceeds to attack him and Tempest with a rubbery wrecking ball. She's tricked into destroying the capsule, before Sonic swiftly sends her hovercraft tumbling into the sky.

In the aftermath, Sonic discovers a strange handheld device that the girl had dropped, which displays a map directing them to a point of interest on the other side of the island. Sonic and Tempest prepare to find out what scheme the young girl's father has in store, but before they can react, the ground gives way under them, weakened from the recent battle, and they plummet helplessly down into the dark depths below...

Off Panel

Sonic Paradox isn't afraid to make fun of their own release schedules.



  • Don Fashio (first appearance)
  • Eggman Empire (first appearance)
    • Dr. Eggman (mentioned)
    • Badnik Horde (first appearance)
      • Buzz Bomber (first appearance) (multiple)
      • Crabmeat (first appearance)
      • Jaws (first appearance)
      • Motobug (first appearance) (multiple)
      • Newtron (first appearance)
    • Omelette (first appearance)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (first appearance)
  • Tempest the Dolphin (first appearance)

Races & Species



  • Egg Handheld (first appearance)
  • Prison Egg (first appearance)
  • Spring (first appearance)


  • Egg Fleet (first appearance)
  • Egg Mobile (first appearance)



  • This comic marks the first appearance we see of Tempest The Dolphin, already proving to be a worthy ally to Sonic.
  • The usage of Omelette Robotnik came about due to the popularity of the fancharacter, making her currently the only inclusion who doesn't originate from the games, animated series, comics, or Sonic Legacy's own design team.
  • ...


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