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Sonic Legacy #2 is the second issue of the Sonic Legacy comic series produced by Sonic Paradox.

Official solicitation

Sonic's journey across South Island is about to get red-hot in "Out Of Your Element": Sonic and his new friend Tempest have stumbled into the Marble Zone, and must work together if they hope to survive! But what secrets does the fiery dungeon hold, and what lengths will their mysterious adversary go to retrieve them?

Featured stories

Out of Your Element


After Sonic and Tempest's encounter with Omelette, they both fall into an underground cavern filled with lava, briefly discussing how to move forward before navigating further into the cavern and avoiding numerous traps.

Sonic and Tempest eventually come across an old stonework map of South Island itself. Tempest notes that it looks exactly like the map used on the device they snagged from Omelette. Their investigation is cut short, as Sonic accidentally activates a flame wall trap, forcing him to pick up Tempest and speed out of there, into a more open cavern filled with lava waterfalls.

Their rest is interrupted by a swarm of Badniks. Sonic defeats a few of them, but it proves to be too many. One of the little critters that escaped a Badnik slips through a crack in the wall, and Sonic soon destroys it, revealing a teleportation orb. With no other options, Sonic and Tempest run into the orb, where they're both teleported back onto the surface of the island. Sonic is revealed to be injured, and the pair settle down, talking over a campfire.

Omelette reports to her master as the duo make their way further into the island, generally disconcerned with their progress, as they enter the trap and hazard filled Labyrinth Zone.

Debug Mode

Sonic Paradox isn't afraid to make fun of their own release schedules.



Races & Species



  • Egg Handheld
  • Teleporter (first appearance)



  • Sonic's pose while running through the jungle on South Island was inspired by the cover to Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)
  • Conversely, the cover to issue 2 was inspired by the last cutscene of the same game.
  • Discussion on how to approach coloring Marble Zone's stonework was heavily debated, before finally settling on the purple used in the games.


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