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Sonic Legacy #3 is the third issue of the Sonic Legacy comic series produced by Sonic Paradox.

Official solicitation

It's the Labyrinth Zone, and Sonic is about to go "Off The Deep End"!  Our normally-fearless hedgehog is at his wit's end in the underwater temple, so it's up to Tempest to take the helm for this adventure!  But is even a dolphin at the mercy of the dangers their watery maze holds?!

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Off the Deep End


Sonic and Tempest enter Labyrinth Zone but with strangely absent of robots. Instead, the ruins are flooded by water. Tempest is enjoying the pure and fresh water, but Sonic reveals he cannot swim.

Pressing onward, Tempest is enthused by all of the water, and drags Sonic along on a water slide, much to his chagrin. Spotting a button on a higher platform, Sonic uses a nearby vine to swing up and stomp on the button, crumbling a wall just beyond the slide. Swinging back, he grabs Tempest, swinging through the newly-formed hole. Tempest berates Sonic, only to discover she would have been skewered by spikes at the bottom.

Noting how the ruins Altar is absent, along with the skeletons of would-be adventurers, Sonic shrugs, but accidentally steps on a weak floor, sending Sonic and Tempest tumbling further into a dark cavern, with only a single platform. The device they have can't get a signal, so Tempest comes up with a solution, using her echolocation abilities, they'll swim through. Unfortunately, Sonic can't swim still, but they chance it regardless.

Navigating through the flooded ruins, they come to another stop, for both air and for the uncomfortable realization that further ahead is just even more complicated maze-like corridors. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, a mysterious green light manifests itself near Sonic, however only he can see it.

Before he can follow the light, a rumbling quake is heard,and the ceiling above breaks apart, letting in a torrent of water. Grabbing Tempest, Sonic speeds out of there, only to be caught by the flooding and pursued by a giant fish badnik. Sonic doesn't have time to catch his breath. Tempest shares hers so he can battle the Giant Chomper, bouncing around under water. With the badnik defeated, the duo make for the nearest light source, coming up into a small cave with an opening. Tempest nearly drowns, but as she's a dolphin, she ejects the excess water from her blowhole.

At the top of the South Island mountain, Sonic and Tempest come across a city-like foundry. A nearby spy-bot is released, showing that the nefarious Doctor Eggman has been watching them the whole time.



Races & Species



  • Egg Handheld


  • This is Dr. Eggman's first full-body appearance in the comic
  • The symbols on the Egg Capsules alude to the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet, Alep.
  • Tempest displays several abilities that most real-world dolphins have, such as echolocation, and the use of a blowhole.

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