Sonic Legacy Issue 4


Sonic Legacy #4 is the fourth issue of the Sonic Legacy comic series produced by Sonic Paradox.

Official solicitation

The mastermind behind the robot invasion has revealed himself at last, and he’s ready to confront our heroes in “Hard Scrambled!” Sonic and Tempest have finally tracked down the nefarious Dr. Eggman in his base of operations, the Scrap Brain Zone. They’ve survived killer robots, molten ruins and sunken caverns, but can they stand up to a living city that is specifically built to take them down?


  • Star Light Zone was skipped, due to inconsistent portrayal. It wouldn't have made sense to travel there when Sonic is already at Scrap Brain.
  • elisonic12 penciled most of issue 4 due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Sonic punching the signpost, causing it to spin, is a direct reference to the popular end-of-zone signpost in the classic games.

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