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Comic Issues

Sonic Legacy Issue 6
Issue 6 Cover

Our blue hero's adventure is only starting! Next stop: "Gearing Up"! Sonic arrives a familiar place, where he'll find old faces from his past, new companions for the future, and unexpected dangers hinting at something sinister just below the surface...Read more...

Sonic Legacy Issue 7
ML 1 Cover
Good men mean well... they just don't always end up doing well. This is the origin of Doctor Eggman and his "Descension" from good-natured doctor into the enigmatic, boisterous villain he is today. What could have turned him into "Doctor Eggman", and why? Read more...

Image Facts
In the room where Eggman finds the "military's secret weapon" in Sonic Adventure 2, there is a vertical text in yellow color that reads "ASTRONOMERS ARE CONCLUDING THAT MONSTROUSBLACKS". This text may hint that the Black Arms (or at least a similar concept) may have been created at the time of the game but was ultimately unused back then.

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