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SpeedySpikes, who also goes by his real name Ian Schwabe, is a writer and inker for Sonic Legacy, and designed the logo as well. He is also an animator for Sonic Paradox.


Speedy was born on March 24, 1997 in Pennsylvania. He graduated high school there, has a university certificate in digital art, and is currently pursuing a degree in Chinese language studies.

Speedy initially did not like drawing. During kindergarten, his teacher would have to force him to draw. Somewhere between 3rd and 4th grade, though, a spark of interest ignited in him, and suddenly he had an interest in drawing cartoons, a hobby he would pursue from that day forward. He also began tinkering with Flash, a program he would use later on.

After a very premature attempt to audition for Sonic Shorts in 2012, Speedy made a serious audition to the Sonic Paradox team in 2013, when he was accepted as an animator. Since then, he has been a somewhat active member of the team, mainly communicating on the Discord server and contributing to Sonic Seconds.


Sonic Paradox

  • Vector's Knickers (Sonic 06, Old Shutter and Homeless Sidekicks shorts)
  • Sonic Seconds: Volume 1 (Sonic Forces Eggman short)
  • Sonic Seconds: Volume 3 (Fire shield short + credits layout)
  • Sonic Seconds: Volume 4 (Big and Froggy short)
  • Sonic Seconds: Volume 6 (G.U.N. Truck short)

Sonic Legacy

  • Sonic Legacy #1 - Inks for Pages 1 and 2
  • Color ideas for Tempest the Dolphin


  • The name "SpeedySpikes" originated from a fascination with recoloring screenshots of the SEGA Genesis Sonic games. When needing to come up with a name for his Sonic recolor, 5 or 6 year old Speedy quickly came up with "Speedy Spikes." In middle school he began to despise the name, but then used it anyway when signing up on the Sonic Paradox forums, and has since grown very fond of it.
  • While working on Sonic Seconds, SpeedySpikes ended up being on call whenever CelestOrion was having issues with Adobe Animate files. This is why he was credited under Graphics as well as Animator in Volume 3's credits sequence. He now regularly helps with the credits for subsequent volumes.
  • Initially, Speedy was going to do inks for the entirety of Sonic Legacy #1. However, this became improbable, so half the issue was passed on to someone else.


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