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Speendlex is one of colorists for the Sonic Legacy fancomic.


Speendlex born in December 20th, 2000 in Ukraine. Since 2005 she was intested in drawing.

She was introduced to Sonic in 2008, when the local TV was broadcasting Sonic SatAM, and in 2009 she was introduced to her first Sonic game, thus being Heroes. In 2010, she drew her first Sonic fanart (files of it being lost).

Her first fancharacter, Speedy the Hedgeechidna, art circa 2013

In 2013 she became the active part of the Russian segment of the Sonic fandom, and eventually - the international segment. At the same year she started to do digital art and graphic design properly

In 2018 she was running now-cancelled comic book "Project Paradise" and drew first 3 pages of the first issue before dealing with numerous problems. At the same year, she joined the Sonic Legacy team as a colorist after her posting PP pages in audutions in Twitter..


Cover artwork

Sonic Paradox


Sonic Paradox

  • Sonic Legacy #1


  • Speendlex' most favourite Sonic character is Black Doom
  • Besides graphic design and digital art, Speendlex sometimes also does motion design, 3D and some game development using Godot Engine. Her personal project, Shadow Advance, is built in said engine.

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